participating in the Follies

The Follies cast consists entirely of volunteers recruited from the Southern District courthouse/legal community. This typically means: court interpreters; judges; court reporters; law clerks; Courtroom Deputy Clerks; other employees of the Court; defense attorneys; AUSAs.

If you fall into or reasonably near any of the above categories and would like to perform, you are welcome to join us. We have never yet had a need for competitive auditions and no experience is required.

A couple things to bear in mind, which go without saying for those who have any theatrical experience:

  1. Learn your part. We do not carry papers or memory aids with us on stage. Sometimes people mistakenly believe they don’t have time to memorize their lines. Nonsense. They also think they will be more secure with a memory aid — a dangerous delusion!
  2. Show up for rehearsals.
  3. That’s it. Learn your part and show up for rehearsals.

Aside from these basic requirements, your director is relaxed. Suggestions and contributions from the cast are entirely welcome, and part of the Follies tradition.

We need singers — people willing sing solo as well as in an ensemble — but there are also non-singing parts. Here is the 2017 schedule for rehearsal and performance:

Mon 06-Nov
Mon 13-Nov
Tue 21-Nov
Mon 04-Dec
Thu 07-Dec dress rehearsal
Fri 08-Dec performance

Rehearsals are held in Room 850 of the Courthouse at 5:30 pm. We have use of the room till 8:00 pm but we usually get done considerably earlier than that.

If you’re interested in joining us, please complete this little form for us.